Part I: How to survive 1st year of dental school

Part I: How to survive 1st year of dental school


I have been MIA lately because dental school has taken over my life. As I am wrapping my first year, here are some tips that have helped me with my first year of dental school. Some of these tips are obvious things that everyone knows, but there are a few that I discovered that works for me. Hopefully, some of these tips will help you if you are about to start your first year of dental school or if you’re planning to go to professional school. This is going to be a lengthy post so I have decided to break it up into two parts.

  1. Sleep: For the first month of school, I was getting a minimum of five hours of sleep. Needless to say, I did okay, but nothing spectacular and I could not figure out why. I studied and studied, but I was still getting very similar grades. Then I decided to get more sleep and that was when I saw a huge difference. I was getting grades that I wanted. So now, I get a minimum of seven hours especially the night before an exam.
  2. Exercise: At the start of school, I wasn’t exercising on a regular basis and that was very abnormal for me. I started to feel sluggish, fatigue, and depress. Then, I started going to exercise classes that the school offer or at least squeeze in a 30 minutes workout every other day. I saw a difference in my energy level.
  3. Keep up with my study: There were certain days that I did not study because I needed to take a mental break. However, I knew that if I did that then I had to make it up. So on a regular basis, I study every day for 2-3 hours after class. Another tip that helps is being attentive in class. I realize that whenever I am attentive (so no facebook or instagram) in class then after school, I am quickly reviewing what I have already learned.
  4. Have “Me Time”: I take Friday nights off and I do what makes me happy. That range from catching up with all my shows to cleaning my apartment. Whatever is happening- Friday nights are reserved for me and what I want to do. Whether it is going out with your friends or staying in, it is imperative that you take a night out for yourself and do what you want to do to reenergize.

Stay tune for Part II next week! Let me know if you have questions or want me to do a post on a particular area about dental school.

Until next time…

XoXo GiGi


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