Yoga: Your first class

Yoga: Your first class

Here are some tips that I give to my friends who are starting out in yoga (mainly hot vinyasa yoga):

  1. Bring a water bottle to class. Stay hydrated the day before, stay hydrated during class, and stay hydrated after class. You’re sweating out all of the impurities and toxin from your body so now you need to replenish it with what it has lost. I was dehydrated a couple of times. I got overheated and dizzy. It was not a fun feeling.
  2. Don’t eat or drink anything heavy two hours before the class. I made the mistake of drinking bubble tea before a class and I was feeling sick throughout the whole class.
  3. Wear the appropriate clothing. I mainly do hot vinyasa yoga, where I would sweat buckets. I recommend wearing breathable fitted clothing. Personally, I wear a bra, a loose breathable tank top, and yoga capri. I will do a separate post on where I get my yoga clothes.
  4. Have your hair out of your face and your neck. Having the hair out of the way will make you feel a lot better and cooler in the hot class. It also prevents acne from forming on your forehead. I put my hair in a bun.
  5. Pick a spot where you’re comfortable to learn in class. A lot of my friends would tell me that they’re shy and they like to stand in the back of the class. That is totally fine! However, everyone is a bit conscious in yoga class. They’re not going to pay attention to you because they are concentrating on themselves.
  6. Bring a yoga towel for your yoga mat. Yoga towel can run from $20-$50. Again, you don’t need an expensive one. If you have an over-sized bath towel, it will work. Also if you sweat a lot, it might be helpful if you bring a small face towel to wipe the sweat from face.
  7. Bring a yoga mat with you. You do not need an expensive yoga mat when you’re starting out. My first mat was $10 from a local discount store.
  8. Inform your teacher if you have previous injuries such as knee, back, and etc. They will modify the poses so you won’t further injure the areas.

Lastly, have fun! Don’t worry if you fall, just pick yourself back-up. It is a learning experience for everyone in the class.

Until next time…

XoXo GiGi